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In this starting a clothing line Q & A we answer:

1-How to Verify Sellers on Alibaba and Online
In this Q&A we answer your question on how to verify sales people online. As you are sourcing for fabric or blank garments overseas, you run a risk of getting scammed by fake sales reps. I share a method in this video that helps reduce your risk.

2- Printful Review
We also answer the question in regards to Printful being a viable option for printing your clothing brand. Over the years Printful has grown as a service and may be struggling with growing pains. You can learn more about Printful in the resources below.

3- Making A Logo Design
We also discuss the process should you take to create your logo design. Designing a logo can be a time-intensive process and it will ultimately be up to the founder to set the direction and vision of the brand. Logo designers need to understand the direction to be able to assist you in creating the ideal logo design.

Videos Mentioned:

How to Buy Wholesale Clothing:

Getting started with Alibaba:

Starting a Clothing Line with Print to order (Printful):

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