Buying a $260,000 dollar DTG Printer and showing you how to get one for your clothing line.
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In this video we share the process of what you need to do before financing any equipment for your t-shirt business. Whether you’re thinking about buying a $260,000 dollar DTG Printer or buying a $20,000 DTG Printing Machine, we share some of the key numbers you need to consider before making a buying decision.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the expenses we covered in this video. Make sure you run your own projections and gauge the demand for your brand and in your area if you are offering printing services to other t shirt brands.

Equipment/ Lease: anything you purchased for business use and due on a monthly basis.
Office Cost: the true cost to house your business operations.
Utilities: gas, water, electricity
Internet: you’ll need the best connection to stay up and running.
Phone: a phone line strictly for business
Wages/ Administration Costs: a salary to pay you or someone that works for you

*Important to note- the numbers we ran in the video are very conservative based on a smaller operation which is not advised when making a large investment like this. Ideally you’ll have at least 2-3 people focused on sales/ distribution of your product or services in order to have this machine operating at full capacity.

When looking at purchasing equipment for your t-shirt business you’ll also need to consider what is included with your purchase and if there are any additional upfront or future costs that may not be clearly stated. Some of which include:

Workstation/ Computer
Pretreat Machine
Heat Press
Training/ support
Ink Costs
Maintenance costs

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