The situation at hand changes drastically from one week to another. A few weeks ago the country stopped operations completely. Shutting down every place people gather, and the effects on the economy have been felt around the world. In this video we cover how to get money for your business through the SBA Disaster Loan and the Cares Act.

I thought of creating this video after going through the process of preparing a printed application, as the internet was scattered with all kinds of advice and worksheets. The reality is that this process is more straightforward than it’s painted out to be, so I wanted to share what I wish I knew before spending days finalizing the SBA Disaster Loan Application.

As this video goes live it has also been confirmed that the funds for the program are running low and it’s unknown when OR if it will receive new funding. Nonetheless, SBA administrators and employees continue to encourage small businesses to submit their applications, as they are confident new funding will pass and it may be the lifeline small businesses need to recover.

I recently went through this process, so I want to be clear that the information shared here is in no way intended to be legal or tax advice. I highly encourage you to consult with licensed professionals if you have any questions that will impact your life and business.

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SBA Disaster Loan Application:

Bank alternatives for PPP Application:

Special thanks to SBA.GOV and Nevada SBDC. Checkout the resources and centers they have across the USA to help small businesses: