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Oftentimes we begin the year by writing out the β€œgoals” we have for ourselves. Naturally those goals are at the top of our mind for the first few weeks, only to be discarded a month after as reality sets in, and we have a hard time making progress.

What if I told you that by setting goals without a vision you are automatically setting yourself up for failure? The problem is that we have a tendency to think short sided. We want results TODAY but the solution is in staying motivated with the ultimate vision you have in life.

Goal setting can be easy when you apply a strong vision to your life and in this video we discuss 5 powerful tips to help you win in 2019 and beyond!

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About this video
In this video John Santos shares 5 powerful tips that anyone can apply to their lives and businesses. Goal setting and creating a vision for the new year has never been easier and is achievable through this step by step video which helps you take action. What are you waiting for, live your best live and accomplish the goals you set out for the new year!