Working from home is the new normal, and in this video we take you all behind the scenes and share our home office setup. From the equipment we use, to the software and apps to help us collaborate remotely. We share it all in hopes that it inspires you to create a better workflow for your brand and business. Items we mentioned can be found on Amazon:

✅Software we mentioned:
Adobe Creative Cloud (graphic design):
Online Store-Shopify 14 Day Free Trial:
Asana (project management):
Slack (team communication):
Trello (project ideas):
VSCO (photo editing):

For entrepreneurs starting their brands from the ground up, the reality is that oftentimes you will be starting from home. Whether it is a small room in your parents house, the garage, an apartment you rent or a home you own. It’s important to have a livable and workable area to make the most of life and business. The key is to create systems and processes to accomplish the goals at hand. For us that meant investing into the right equipment over a period of time. It didn’t all happen at once, so start with what you have, and use it wisely.

0:00 Home Office Tour!
1:41 Where the magic happens
9:44 How to record videos in your loft
17:00 Apps needed for your home office

Equipment mentioned in video:

AMD PC Build:
Intel PC Build:
NAS Build:
LG Monitor:
Macbook pro:
iPad Pro:
Asus monitor:
Qnap Adapter:
External Drive:
Logitech keyboard:
Logitech Mouse:
Aputure Lightstorm 2 :
Light Dome 2:
C stand:
Newer lights:
Electric Desk:

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