In this video we show you how t shirt printing machines are made and what the future of DTG printing may look like with the rise of eCommerce. We hope this helps you better understand how the Direct to garment printing industry works so you can use it for your clothing brand. Learn more about OmniPrint:

Unlike screen printing which has existed for thousands of years, DTG printers only became available in the early 2000’s. Over the past 5 years alone, these machines have been adopted by online brands, and retail stores are starting to use them in order to create a unique shopping experience.

Direct To Garment Printers have been the catalyst for made to order business models, and throughout this video we not only share how they are made, but also how the digital printing industry is transforming in these times.

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About This Video
We take you behind the scenes to show you how t-shirt printers are made from the ground up. From assembling base boards, circuits, installing printheads and the software that is needed to operate them online. We share an in depth education into how ink is created, as well as how the direct to garment printing industry functions and what clothing entrepreneurs can expect in the near future. The level of detail that goes into creating direct to garment printers in order to innovate for the future of online shopping is intense!

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0:00 Intro Into How T-Shirt Printing Machines Are Made
0:33 History Of DTG Printers
2:53 The Making Of Direct to Garment Printers
8:00 High Quality Ink Production Process
10:18 How Inkjet Printer Ink Is Made
12:15 The Future of Direct to Garment Printers
19:22 The Impact of Direct To Garment Printing

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