In this video we dive into the details associated with customizing face masks with heat transfer vinyl. Whether you’re using this for your own brand, or will be printing for other brands in your community. Shop Wholesale Face Masks:

As we mentioned in this video, choosing the perfect heat press depends on your current situation and goals you have for expansion.

✅Checkout my Print From Home Setup:
– Heat Press:
– Vinyl Cutter:
– Paper:
– Weeding Tool:

Lower Price Alternatives:
– Heat Press:
– Vinyl Cutter:

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🖌Setting up artwork in Adobe Illustrator Program 30 Day money back:

3:00 Setting up your artfile in the programs that come with your cutter

8:03 Weeding and prepping the cut design

13:55 How to find the best Heat Press Settings

16:43 Reducing your learning curve when setting up the software

📖Checkout out the related article on our website for a detailed breakdown of settings:

📲If you’re starting a clothing line, I encourage you to download your free PDF and online training where we help you start your brand easily:

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