In this video we show you how to do product photography at home. Whether you have a clothing brand, or just selling products through eCommerce. Join us as we take creative product photos to help sell your brand. Photo editing tool we used:

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If your goal is to create an advertisement that is visually striking, one of the methods we show is the floating photography or ghost mannequin. To my surprise this method was easier than I thought it would be. All you need is a good light source, or natural lighting as Mike explains in this video. If you’re looking to shoot product photography from home on a regular basis, then check out the tools you should consider:

✅Photography equipment:

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0:00 Intro To Product Photography From Home
0:30 What You Need To Make Creative Product Photography
1:13 What is the Floating Product Ghost Mannequin Technique
2:56 : Photoshop Tutorial of Floating Photography
10:07 Final Thoughts

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