Can you really start a t-shirt printing business using only DTG? Marsuno Creative did just! Learn how to go from printing zero to 15k t-shirts with DTG printing. Learn more about OmniPrint:

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Some of the topics we cover include:

1:38 – What is Marsuno Creative?
2:10 – What is the upside of using DTG (direct-to-garment) vs screen printing?
3:27 – Why does DTG printing bring success to your business?
4:43 – How reliable is the Freejet 330TX plus from Omni Print?
5:26 – Can you really print 15k shirts a month with DTG?
5:50 – What are the best tips for high school kids looking to start t-shirt printing?

Just over a year ago Marsuno Creative was utilizing 4 machines and has now continued to grow his business to where he has 8 machines running his business.

Marsuno Creative is provides custom printing, merch solutions, web sites, print design and branding services. Contact them for questions:

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About This Video: Thanks to Omniprint International we had the chance to connect with Marsuno Creative who prints for many of the top brands like Streetwear Official. You will learn how he went from not knowing how to use a dtg machine to printing over 15,000 t-shirts a month in a little over 4 years time. One of the many questions you can ask regarding this specific machine is How much does a Freejet cost? There are many options that can go into paying for a machine of this caliber so it’s best to have the questions addressed by the creator of these machines which is Omni Print who makes these DTG printers in 2018.