Custom shoes, we all want them, only few have them. In this video we give you the power to customize sneakers with any design using a never before seen Hydro Dip method. Join us as we walk you through hydro dipping a Nike AIR Force 1 to create a one of a kind custom.

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✒️Graphic Art by Vector Chef: @vectorchef
🎥 Production by: @seezsantos
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The amount of content around hydro dipped shoes seems to be increasing, but one thing others fail to show is how to hydro dip any design on a sneaker. By using the method we share in this video you now have the power to use any art design you can imagine! So instead of “hydro dipping” by spray painting, we are going to show you how professionals in the sneaker game customize shoes for clients and artists. The level of detail in this video has never been shared before, and we are excited to continue expanding the creative entrepreneurial field through content like this on our channel.

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