If you’re wondering how to make a logo design for your brand and products, this video will show you everything you need to design one from start to finish. Leverage the power of outsourcing with Designcrowd: https://www.designcrowd.com/partner/johnsantos

As an entrepreneur and business owner with minimal to no design experience, it was frustrating at first to work with graphic artists, as it always seemed like they did not understand the vision or what I needed. In this video tutorial I show you the process of creating a modern logo design from start to finish. This comes from an entrepreneurs perspective which will help you make the best logo for your clothing line, service business or physical location. Even if you don’t need a logo design yet, you can use the same steps to design clothing, websites, branding and much more.

I make it extremely easy to make a logo, and all it takes is a blank sheet of paper, a direction, vision and image of your company, and the rest you are able to figure out by working with multiple graphic artists or a select few you decide to work with. A great resource to help you get your logo is DesignCrowd. DesignCrowd connects you to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world, which will design a logo for you within your budget. In this video we also show you the end results from a recent project I created with the Revive Brand.

Using the 4 step process I discuss in this video, you are able to create an easy to understand blueprint, which will guide graphic artists and allow them to focus on your logo design. Creating a logo does not need to be expensive so watch this amazing video walkthrough and by the end of the process you will fully understand everything you will need to make your logo and creative project a success.

I hope you enjoyed this video and learned what it takes to create a logo design from start to finish. Once again use the steps we discussed in this video to narrow in on your design direction:

1. Brand Vision and Mission 3:07

2. Elements of Design 4:22

3. Aesthetic and Boundaries 4:58

4. Intended Use 5:39

From these steps you can go on and start designing a logo on paper, and honing in on the message you laid out. Or you can put together a short presentation which will be used as a guide when working with graphic artists. This blueprint will be a lifesaver when working with an outside team.

Some of the resources discussed in this video:

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Adobe Color- find color pallets and create color pallets for your brand.

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