How to make screen printing your full time job is something that I am frequently asked by entrepreneurs launching their t shirt printing business. In this video we walk you through the process to help you get repeat clients. Blanks by Bella + Canvas:

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Huge shoutouts to the team at Let’s Print LA for opening up their doors and services to the ground up community. Learn more about them and don’t hesitate to reach out:

In this video, we walk entrepreneurs through the process of setting up their t shirt printing business so they can make it a full time job. T Shirt Printing is always in demand and is a great way to build an additional income stream, but it’s important to remember that there’s more than just printing involved with operating this business. Let’s Print LA started out of a garage and has moved into their own facility in downtown LA and Ricky the cofounder of the business shares his insight on how the transition was made.

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