Have you ever wanted to know how to make shoes? We spend most of our life wearing sneakers so in this video I take you inside of a factory that makes thousands of custom shoes to show you how they’re made. Start your brand with this free online training→ http://bit.ly/Free-Apparel-Training

I recently traveled to Leon, Mexico known as the shoe capital of the world in search of discovering how to make shoes. What I observed is that the process of making a custom sneakers is time intensive when it comes to manufacturing. In order to make a custom shoe line from scratch (from the soles to the uppers), it requires weeks of prep time and can take months to complete!

Inside of this video you will find the key steps involved in the shoe making process including:

*Shoe Design & Pattern Making *
The process of designing and creating patterns for a shoe begins by applying tape to a shoe last. The designer will then draw their idea on top of the tape, which is then cut from the last and made into a digital pattern.

*Sampling The Design*
Once the digital patterns are created they are made into physical patterns which are placed on the desired fabrics for the shoe design. The sample makers than take the cut pieces and make the one off design. Once the shoes are approved, the manufacturing process begins.

*Creating The Shoe Mold*
The shoe mold is designed in a CAD based system which is then made into a physical block with a CNC machine. The CNC machine engraves the design of the shoe sole into a metal block. This metal block is then inspected and prepared for the injection molding process, creating the base for the sneakers, heels and a variety of pieces needed for custom shoe designs.

*Metallization Process*
Some shoes have pieces that need a metallic finish, and during the metallization process plastic is put into a large vacuum which binds the metal to the plastic components.

*Injection Molding*
Using the shoe mold created with the CNC machine the sole of the shoes are instantly produced inside of the mold injection machine. Allowing thousand of shoe soles to be made every day.

*Fabric Cutting*
There are two different ways that fabrics for a large sneaker production can be cut; on a laser cutting machine or die cut. A laser cutter is able to cut pieces fairly quickly, but is usually used for runs lower than 5,000 pairs of shoes. Die Cutting is used for larger runs and is more efficient as you can stack multiple layers of fabrics and cut them all at once.

*Sewing and Completing The Shoe*
A variety of sewing machines, presses and gluing processes are required in the finishing of a shoe. Each shoe design has its own set up involved, and throughout this video we share all of the processes in detail for you to better understand how to make custom shoes.

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