At one point or another we have all wanted to know how to open a store, but only a few of us ever did. Those that are bold enough to risk it all, oftentimes have to leave the security of a full time job in order to start their own business. Getting into the entrepreneur mindset when you are an employee is tough and in this video we not only share how to open a store, we also dive into what it takes to start your own business.

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The key to opening a store and transitioning from employee to entrepreneur doesn’t have to take years, throughout the video we share:

3:35 How to name your brand
5:27 The reality of finding a location for your retail store
6:00 How do you lease a commercial property
6:47 How to buy products for your boutique
8:50 How to work with large brands
11:24 Tips on getting the entrepreneur mindset
13:43 What licenses do you need to open a clothing store?
16:44 Designing your store layout
18:11 How to buy unique products
19:00 How do clothing brands stand out to boutique buyers?
22:00 What payment processor you should consider
and much more…

About this video
In this video in addition to showing you how to open a store we share what it actually takes to start your own business. If you’re currently working a full time job and are interested in starting a business throughout the interviews you’ll see the mental shift you have to make to become an entrepreneur. We also discuss the funds you need to budget for to make it a reality. We leave no stone unturned and share how a run down location in Downtown Las Vegas was transformed to become a beautiful store that sells products for every kind of customer.

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