Starting a clothing line from scratch requires you to consider the design and branding elements associated with your apparel line. In this tutorial we show how to make your design and branding stand out from the competition. Special thanks to Bella+Canvas:

In this video we cover how to start a clothing line from designing and branding and in the next videos we dive deeper into the production and marketing of the brand. Subscribe to be alerted of the latest releases on YouTube:

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Anyone can start a clothing line, but when it comes to creating cohesive designs and branding elements, there are few people who truly understand what it takes. The creative process starts with really understanding what you’d like your brand to represent.

From there it takes some time to fully develop the concept and actually start designing art that your market will be familiar with. They say good art is something that is familiar to the senses, yet different enough to intrigue your audience. Throughout this video you will find how that correlates to a clothing brand, and what you need to consider if you’re starting a clothing line from scratch.

Here are the steps we took to develop this clothing brand from the ground up:

1:20 Choose your line’s direction- where will it live in the market?

3:40 The creative process to designing a clothing line

4:10 The Foundation To Your Brand- what makes it different?

5:02 Your Target Audience: Demographics and Psychographics

6:00 What Describes Your Clothing Brand?

6:27 Sourcing Your Garments: what should you look for in products?

7:15 Researching The Competition

8:00 Creating The Mood Board

8:26 Colors and Graphics- Access the creative cloud to make vectors and graphics:

9:45 Sketching and Designing Graphics

11:00 Finalizing the designs for the clothing line

12:50 Surveying The Finished Designs

13:10 Sampling the top designs

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