In this video, I interview some vets in the fashion industry to discuss how to start a clothing line with cut n sew. They share some major keys to success in the fashion industry which will help you start a clothing line. Visit BELLA+CANVAS:

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In this weeks video, Tory Lowitz and Rene join me for a sit-down interview to discuss the process of starting a clothing line with cut and sew. From logistics to design, starting a clothing line with cut and sew is an expensive and time-intensive process, and these two veterans in the industry share how to save time and money. We share some major keys which will help you have success if you decide to embark on this journey.

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About This Video: In this video, John Santos interviews Rene from BELLA+CANVAS who also runs his own t-shirt printing on the side business called Let’s Print LA. As well as interview Tory who is the creative director for BELLA+CANVAS. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own fashion line with cut sew this video will help you launch your brand From Ground Up!