Gmail is one of the best email programs out there but it can be a little intimidating to use at first. In this video I break down the details so you can learn how to use Gmail to its full capacity. You will learn how to navigate your inbox, how the tabs work and how to attach items to your email using Google Drive.

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I will also walk you through creating labels and organizing emails so you can find them easier in the future. Best practices to sending email are also discussed, such as “what does CC and BCC mean” and when to use it.

Formatting Email and Email Subject
Gmail provides you with the options to format your email, as if you were creating it on a word document. Change font sizes, colors and styles to enhance your points and organize communications so others can understand what you are saying.

Using Draft Folder To Help You On The Go
Leaving an email as a draft is a great way to get back to it on your phone or laptop. Sometimes you may not have the photo or video on a device, so putting it in draft and accessing it later is a great tip to save you time and data.

Attach As Google Drive
If the file you are sending is larger than your limit, google automatically saves it to Google Drive. This allows you to insert the file into your email as a link, and it is accessible to anyone.

Adding Email Signatures
Enhancing your email signature to include your name, phone number and company website is a great way for others to get in touch. I cover this in the Gmail settings to help enhance your email experience.

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