Ever wonder what it takes to make the t shirts you buy? In this video I break down the process from designing the style, to the printing of the graphic design on the finished t shirt. Thinking about launching a brand? Checkout Bella + Canvas: http://bit.ly/2t9Guo6

If you’re thinking about starting a clothing line, this is a must watch video and I also encourage you to grab a FREE copy of the Starting A Clothing Line Blueprint: http://bit.ly/Clothing-Line-Blueprint

For creatives looking to break into entrepreneurship starting a clothing brand is a popular choice as it allows you to express your individuality through apparel you can sell. What stops most people from starting a brand is having the right resources and knowledge of the industry. That’s the reason why I started this channel and in this video we break down one of the most common questions which is, “how do you make a t shirt and how do I print my design on it?” We dive deep into the process and share information such as Screen Printing VS DTG, Embroidery and how manufacturing cut n sew products actually works.

For those that are serious about launching their clothing lines in the next 2-3 months, I encourage you to subscribe to my channel, and if you need additional help, visit my website where we have an online academy, with all the resources and content you will need to build your brand “From The Ground Up” Get started by grabbing a free copy of my Clothing Line Blueprint here: http://bit.ly/Clothing-Line-Blueprint

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If you have any printing questions or needs, feel free to reach Cole at the Shirt Agency here: http://bit.ly/Shirt-Agency
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About this video: In this video John Santos walks you through BELLA+CANVAS headquarters to show you the process of making a t shirt design to printed garment. As well walk you through with Cole from Shirt Agency on what it takes to screen print, DTG (direct-to-garment) printing and embroider your design on your blank apparel. Before you start your own cut n’ sew apparel line you may want to consider starting off with some wholesale t shirts and concentrating on a good design to get your brand or business out first while maintaining minimal cost when starting a clothing line.