My 5 minutes of fame came fast and left even quicker. One thing that I learned during the entire process is that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. We discuss the meaning to this in this video, and talk about how you can apply it to your own life. If you’re thinking about starting a business this year, join the Insider List where we provide you with resources, giveaways, events, courses and much more to help you with your journey:

Luck Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity
Looking back over time, this statement holds so much substance and truth. We can all create our own luck as long as we are willing to put in the work. When the opportunity comes for you to shine, the preparation you put in over the years will pan out in your favor and you will catch your lucky break.

Stay True To Yourself
When we were casted as contestants to Steve Harvey’s Funderdome Show on ABC, one of the thing that caught the attention of the producers was our true personalities. For so long we were under the impression that people only cared about the products we made, and our stories and culture were not important. It was a false pretense often seen and encouraged in this industry, but something that we removed from our company and way of life. As soon as we did this, everyone was able to relate and ultimately it became the formula to winning on multiple platforms in 2017.

Revive Wake Up And Win
So now you may be wondering, what is Revive up to after the Steve Harvey’s Funderdome episode? Although the show gave us amazing exposure, it continues to be a daily battle, to grow and market our brand for the long run.

We are challenging ourselves to create bigger goals for the brand, aside from just selling products. You guys can see how that will take shape through the Wake Up And Win Youtube channel and website.

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