If you’re starting your own fashion or streetwear line, in this video we dive into the pattern making process for your clothing brand. During the pattern making process your ideas are one step closer to becoming a reality. Learn more about Indie Source: http://bit.ly/Indie-Source

Patterns are the blueprint to your clothing designs and I’ve been wanting to share this process with you guys for a while now. Thank you all who requested this video, I hope it helps you better understand what you need before contacting a pattern making service and starting your clothing line.

📲If you’re launching a clothing line make sure you take advantage of the free online training and receive immediate access to additional resources and suppliers: http://bit.ly/Free-Apparel-Training

A few weeks ago I was in Downtown Los Angeles and I contacted the team at Indie Source to learn more about the services they provide to entrepreneurs starting a clothing line. Years ago when we first started making our own product line, it was difficult to find a resource like this. The information that I share in this video was something that I had to learn by physically traveling and speaking to someone in person. So just want to give a shout out to the team for making this video possible and opening their doors to help you get started.

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About This Video:
Patterns are the templates you will need in order to make your own clothing designs. The pattern making process starts with your idea, and in order to help bring that idea to reality you typically need to have reference materials. The reference samples can be pieces from your closet, or clothing designs you find in the market. In this video we go into the pattern making process to help you better understand what pattern makers do. This is one step in the cut and sew process which will help bring your clothing line to life. We shot this video while in downtown los angeles which is home to thousands of clothing suppliers and makers. We hope this video helps you in the pursuit of starting your clothing line.