In this snapchat ads tutorial, I will be walking you through step by step how to create snapchat ads. Snapchat is a relatively underutilized ad platform, with a UI very similar to Facebook’s.

If you have experience with facebook, then you will pick up on snapchat very quickly, it’s very similar to creating facebook video ads, and the targeting and stuff is actually a lot simpler.

Snapchat even has their own snapchat pixel, just like facebook, that you can install on your website to track conversion events and use that data to create custom audiences. You will learn all that and more in this step by step snapchat ads tutorial.

The steps in this tutorial can be applied to dropshipping, affiliate marketing, local business, or any other type of business, the process is all the same!

Table of contents
0:01 Account Creation
1:40 Snapchat Pixel Installation
4:19 Ad Creation Start
7:30 Ad Design
19:50 Ad Targeting
28:43 Ad Duration & Budget

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