I’m often asked what camera do I recommend people buy if they are thinking about starting a brand and also considering becoming a YouTuber? In this video, I review the blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k and compare it to some of the popular Canon DSLR cameras that are available around the same price range. My goal is to help you better understand digital cameras, so you can get the best camera your brand and YouTube channel.

The very first video I ever launched on YouTube was shot on Canon 60D camera I borrowed. After launching the video and seeing it grow on YouTube, I decided to buy a point and shoot camera, as DSLR prices were out of my budget.

I picked up a Canon G7X which was an amazing little camera that had its pros and cons, which I share in this video. https://amzn.to/2WMvUpg

Once I shot a couple of videos and saved some money up, I bought a Canon 60D with a lense kit. That camera lasted me almost a year and was an overall great DSLR camera. It shot amazing photos and the video quality was good enough for a beginner YouTuber. https://amzn.to/2JUoxpP

My channel was then selected to be a part of YouTube’s NextUp Program and we were given a voucher to bump up our video quality. I decided to buy the Canon 6D Mark II which has a Full Frame Sensor, allowing you to take AMAZING photography and GREAT 1080/60P video.

But something was still missing from my life, and that was the ability to shoot raw 4K video that would allow me to produce longer form content, with the goal to get on Netflix, Hulu & Amazon. As we started researching cinema cameras we found the cheapest options started at around $10,000, and would require heavy equipment and a lot of space to operate.

That’s when we discovered the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K or (BMPCC 4K for short) by Black Magic Design. It truly is a game-changing camera for those that are on an indie budget but want to produce amazing quality content for the big screen. https://amzn.to/2JZ2Og8

In this video, I share the pro’s and cons to each of these cameras (BMPCC4K vs Canon 6D Mark 2) mentioned above. Whether you’re a YouTuber, and entrepreneur, artist, or photographer, there is a camera out there for you and I hope I point you in the right direction.

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