As a content creator and entrepreneur you have the flexibility to travel and work from anywhere. But what happens when you decide to live and work from a different country and have to pack minimally in order to be productive and explore? In this video I introduce you to this new concept by sharing how to work from anywhere in the world. Traveling can be stressful and in order for you to make it a reality it requires you to get the best backpack which can carry all of your important equipment.

The challenge I experienced was packing for two people. My wife and I both had to carry our laptops, hard drives, chargers, camera gear, lenses and much more. Finding the perfect backpack for our extended travel required researching hundreds of styles and choosing one that would protect our equipment. For transporting electronics I give the Osprey Duplex 65 a 7/10 rating (for extended travel with a ton of equipment). For shorter trips I rate this bag a solid 10/10. The best thing about this travel backpack was the ability to break it apart, which allows you to take everything onboard the airline as a carryon and personal item. The last thing you should ever do is let the fate of your important equipment be up to the airlines.

I break down all the details in this video as we arrive and live out of Costa Rica. Make sure you tune in to future videos where we continue sharing what’s like to travel and work remotely.

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About this video: In this video johnxsantos brings you along his journey to living like a minimalist to teach you how to travel and work from anywhere in the world. With these simple living techniques, you can learn to work from anywhere! Being a digital nomad in today’s society is truly easier than you think. I hope this minimalist entrepreneur series will help you on your journey to doing more with less wherever you are in life.