Did you know that 1 + 1 = 11? When a relationship has synergy the results they produce grows exponentially. Far outnumbering the results of two individuals. In this video we share the pros and cons of working with your spouse, which can be a blessing and provide you with exponential growth and happiness for your life and business.

As an entrepreneur, relationships are everything for your business. The more people you know and connect with the greater the chance for success. But what if I told you there was one relationship that as long as you fostered and grew, it would make your life and business more prosperous?

Whether you call them your life partner, wife, husband or spouse, these people in your life ultimately decide the amount of joy you will experience throughout your life. During the hard times they will help get you out, and through the good times they will amplify them. Together you form a bond that helps each other rise, and in this video we discuss the reality of it all.

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About this video
After 8 years of working together building our brands and businesses and working with entrepreneurs in similar situations, we share the pros and cons of working with your spouse and provide advice to help your business and relationship succeed.