Are you an entrepreneur, YouTuber, photographer or in the creative industry. In this video I share the untold truth about working from anywhere. I discuss remote working tips to help you work and travel. Get your Free Clothing Line Blueprint:

When working in countries that are just starting to develop, the infrastructure for working remotely is not the same as it is in the USA or Europe. If you’re planning to work remotely it’s important that you prepare and get a good understanding of the areas you will live in ahead of time. This will ensure you have the wifi speeds you need to upload videos, photos and large project files.

For entrepreneurs that will only be focused on email or text files, you still need to prepare for outages that often occur. Some things to consider include:

1- Find a safe location, so you are able to work remotely without worrying about crime.

2- Locate a good co-working space that has fast upload and download speeds for large file transfers. (For videographers, photographers/ designers)

3- Purchasing a good VPN “virtual private network”

These tips become extremely important for those that are staying for a long period of time. Working remotely from a different country can be an amazing experience. For those that have a job or business that allows them to set their own schedules, working from anywhere will challenge you to be more productive, with less time.

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