In this video I discuss the important things to know before displaying at a tradeshow. Tradeshow can be an expensive lesson if you don’t know what to expect. So if you’re going to attend checkout these Booth Display Tips:

Are you attending a Tradeshow for your first time? Checkout this video helping you navigate and make the most of your trip:

Trade Show Costs
Trade Shows such as Magic, Agenda, ASD or CES can cost you thousands of dollars to display your brand and services. They may have a large amount of traffic, but you are also competing for space among the hundreds to thousands of other brands on the showroom floor.

Your Brand At A Tradeshow
So what can you do as an entrepreneur to best prepare for your big day? In this video I share the lessons I learned when displaying our brand for the first time at the Magic tradeshow. We had a great lineup of products and a great display, but we missed an important component that would have made the event worth while. Hear the story and what you can expect leading up to the event, so that you are better prepared when it’s your time.

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