Living in Costa Rica means being surrounded by Mother Nature and experiencing it firsthand. Everyday is an adventure when you are working abroad, from trips to the stores, to the events you plan on the weekends. Living in Costa Rica can be an amazing experience and in this video I share what I wish I knew before working abroad for 90 days.

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During our first part of our 3 month trip, we resided in the area of La Fortuna (Volcano Arenal) in a little town 30min south. The people there were extremely hospitable, and treated us like family. Overall our experience of that area was very positive, and it gave me a taste of what living in a small town feels like. With a population of less than 1,000 people, everyone knows each other and are overall great people. The biggest reminder from living in a small town in Costa Rica was to treat foreigners with love. Being an outsider is intimidating and lending a hand goes a long way to making their challenging experience a little better.

We were blessed to be able to experience living and working abroad. I had no idea how Costa Rica would be as a country, so it all came as a surprise and I began to accept the challenges that popped up in every day life.

One of those challenges included flying into different countries. After 45 days of living in Costa Rica, we decided to venture off into Guadalajara Mexico in order to work on some special projects there. We also wanted to take the time to fix my wife’s MacBook computer, which was damaged by the humidity in Costa Rica. Apple tries to keep this issue under wraps, but beware MacBook users, your computers can be severely damaged by the humidity in countries like Costa Rica. You can find multiple forums and occurrences of this happening and unfortunately we were a victim of it as well.

Life in Guadalajara Mexico is a lot like LA. This city has a fast pace lifestyle with the conveniences of US cities. In the next video I will share more of this adventure as well as reveal the upcoming projects we have in the works.

About This Video
In this video I share what I wish I knew before working abroad. Overall my experience of living in Costa Rica was a positive one. It’s not something you can quickly get used to though, so you must prepare for the setbacks and tribulations that are coming your way. I wish I would have known how inconvenient the Costa Rica countryside was before living there, but at least I got to experience it first hand, and I leave a better person.

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