If you’re thinking about starting a DTG printing business there are a few things you need to learn about the trade. In this video we go behind the scenes and share what it takes to build the fastest dtg printer in the world and discuss how this family-owned direct to garment manufacturer is competing against large corporations by leading with innovation. Learn More about OmniPrint: http://bit.ly/About-Omni-DTG

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I recently sat down with the team behind OmniPrint to discuss some of their latest developments, and while at their headquarters I convinced them into creating a video that no other Direct To Garment manufacturer would probably ever make. Victor and their team opened their doors to us to share how this lean operation has doubled in size every year since the introduction of their first product in the early 2000s. We also dive into the R&D process and share some amazing tips and advice that entrepreneurs everywhere should consider as they develop new product lines.

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About This Video
The market for DTG Printers is growing thanks to the adoption of e-commerce and the capabilities to print full color in a small footprint, and in this video, you will see how OmniPrint is leading the charge. We also share some very important tips on how to compete when you’re starting from the ground up, that can be applied to various businesses. Whether you are thinking about DTG printing T-Shirts or launching a new product line, the tips and workflow that this company has will be something you should take note of. Direct To Garment printing is an alternative to screen printing that provides you with the ability to run an operation out of your living room. There are various suppliers such as Brother and Epson who create DTG printers and OmniPrint is a resource you should also look into as you consider which platform to purchase for your clothing brand.