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Responsive Jewelery is a Theme for Magento with a clean and technical design. This Template for Magento is perfect for Jewelry products but also any other kind of store. You will definitely impress your customers due to our big focus on usability and clear structures. The theme is highly customizable. All blocks in Header, Footer and Homepage can be managed in the Magento backend CMS.



General features

Multi sub design. When you buy this theme you will get all PT004 designs, like Electronics, Jewelry and Jewelry. And more to come. Theme updates. The theme is updated weekly. New features are added. Customization. The theme can be customized to all your needs. Many changes can be done from the Admin Panel.

RTL. If your language is RTL than you can use this theme. Multi Language. Do you want to use more than one language? No problem. Multi Shop. You can use this theme in as much shops as you like. The compare products page is a extra added page. MEGA MENU design. You can use it or not!

Homepage features

You can add as many slides to the slider as you want. You can change all slides, images and text from the Admin Panel. If you do not like the homepage you can create a completely individual homepage. The featured products can be managed from a category in your admin. The brand carousel can be added or removed or replaced.

And also these images can be changed from the Admin Panel. The new in store products appear automatically. You can update the SEO text to what ever you want. The footer can be updated from the Admin Panel 100%. Your own "All Rights Reserved" will be shown automatically.

Header features

You can enable and disable the top bar. You can add or delete every detail you see in the top bar. You can change or disable the USP's. Facebook login extension design. You can add as many buttons and icons to the menu as you like.


The grid view has 3 different designs, it can be changed from the admin. The description is below the products. Sale banners will be added automatically.The contact page has it's own design. You can easily add your own Google map. You can manage this page 100% from your admin. The checkout can be one page if you want. The footer can be updated from the Admin Panel 100%. Your own "All Rights Reserved" will be shown automatically.