The Erotic Theme is a Magento Theme with a clean and allround design. This Magento Template is perfect for Erotic products but also any other kind of stores. You will definitely impress your customers due to our big focus on usability and clear structures. The theme is highly customizable. All blocks in Header, Footer and Homepage have an erotic feel to it and can be managed in the Magento backend CMS.

Highlight Erotic Theme Features

  • Automatic Sale label on Category view
  • Erotic Slider on Homepage
  • Promotion blocks on Hompage
  • Featured products list on Sexy Homepage
  • Header section with 3 USP blocks
  • Newsletter subscription field in footer
  • Social Media links in Footer
  • 5 Linkblocks in Footer
  • Linklist in Footer
  • Payment Logos in Footer
  • Promotion Block with lingery in left sidebar
  • Promotion Block in right sidebar
  • Recently Viewed Products including product images
  • Social Sharing buttons in Product view

General Erotic Template Features

  • Unlimited domain uses
  • Lifetime updates
  • Fully compatible with Magento Community Edition
  • 100% open source
  • Easy installation
  • Easy customization
  • SEO optimized
  • User Guide Documentation
  • Well structured and commented HTML & CSS for easy customization
  • Cross-browser support. Compatible with all major browsers such as Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

Erotically Homepage Blocks

The homepage contains a slider and 4 more promotion blocks for your erotically products. All images can be managed in the Magento backend CMS. You can also show a list of featured products at the bottom of you hompage. Just select a category that includes the products, you want to promote.

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