When it comes to digital, Jonathan Bradbury, Munchkin’s
Director of Global eCommerce, likes to keep it simple. “In
digital, there’s so much out there that can overcomplicate
things. You can lose sight of what’s really important,” he
said. At Shop.org, Bradbury revealed the simple strategies that
have led to the success of Munchkin’s digital business. These
are their four tried and tested strategies for growth…

1. Drive Balanced Upper Funnel Visibility

Find the right paid search balance. “Work
within your budget and drive search results to your products,”
said Bradbury. Munchkin struck a good balance by driving search
results to products with branded and non-branded keywords, and
targeting the right customer.

Take advantage of data. Predictive
marketing technologies have emerged to help companies of all
sizes collect, process, analyze, and interpret data to drive
actionable insights. Bradbury encouraged the use of
ultra-targeted, programmatic technologies to target consumers,
focusing on location, device, and timing to grab their

Focus on the right device.
84 percent of smartphone shoppers
use their device while
shopping in-store. Bradbury suggested capturing customers with
‘micro moments’: “They’re not just shopping, they’re looking.
Make sure you have a mobile-optimized site and messaging.”
Munchkin delivered ads about product launches to ultra-targeted
audiences and directed consumers to the store nearest to them
with a “Get Directions” CTA.

Focus on the right locations.
82 percent of consumers
use search engines as their first
research tool in-store. “Make sure you’re represented there
with the right message,” said Bradbury. Munchkin used targeted,
non-branded search keywords and leveraged video search results
to differentiate their products from their competitors’.

Focus on the right timing. “If we look at our
phones 150 times a day for 177 minutes a day, that means you
have one minute to capture someone’s attention.” Bradbury
added, “You have to make sure you have the right message, at
the right time, to the right person.” Munchkin found success by
geo-targeting consumers located near, or in, a partner’s store
and offering them a coupon.

2. Maximize Mid-Funnel Visibility of Your Brand

Optimize onsite search tactics. Selling on
Amazon is important to Munchkin’s business. The higher the rank
on Amazon, the more your products are viewed and
purchased–raising your ranking even more . Bradbury said that
if you’re not on the first page organically, you should invest
in the self-service paid mechanisms on Amazon to boost your

Use remarketing to extend your audiences wherever they
According to Bradbury: “Product page ads are
really good for cross-selling and for capturing traffic that is
on a competitor’s product page.”

3. Create Innovative Content to Convert the Consumer

Generate excellent content. “Now that you have
the customer’s attention, make sure that all that effort, time,
and money spent to get them isn’t wasted. You want to make sure
you’re converting them.” Bradbury suggested keeping it basic:
use images, content, cross-sells, and formatting. Provide
options. Include social, video, and reviews to help them
validate their decision more quickly.

Make it easy. Munchkin was experiencing a high
return rate on one of their products: baby gates. Customers
were forgetting to measure the gate openings. Luckily, the
solution was easy. Munchkin took the thinking out of the
purchase. Now, when the consumer shops this product, they see
all the size options, encouraging measurement. Since
implementing this solution, Munchkin has experienced double the
sales and half the return rate.

4. Cultivate Your Best Customers

Turn buyers into advocates. Happy consumers
will advocate for you if you ask them, said Bradbury. Munchkin
increased customer advocacy with rewards programs. Now, if a
Munchkin customer refers a friend or leaves a product review,
the brand rewards the customer with store credit or free

Give customers value. Reward every
Munchkin provides incentives to drive
engagement and conversion: Bradbury recommended providing
incentives wherever the consumer is interacting with your
brand, like offering free shipping in exchange for an Instagram
post. “It encourages people to create high-quality content, and
increases followers, engagement, and sales.”

Set it and forget it. Use trigger emails to feed
continued engagement.
“Retention is easier and cheaper
than acquisition,” says Bradbury. “Make sure you’re doing the
basics there.”

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