Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, created quite a stir on
Monday. At the National Governors Association in Rhode Island,
he made a dramatic claim that “AI
is a fundamental existential risk for human civilization.

While chewing on that tidbit, we also considered the progress
being made in AI Marketing. 

For many marketers, artificial intelligence is an ambiguous
area. The technology, and public awareness of it, is still in
its early stages. What can we expect from AI Marketing over the
next five years? We turned to the industry’s experts for their

1. Customer Engagement will be Intuitive 

Channels are getting murkier. As new innovations are made in
mobile, wearables, and hands-free devices, channels for
customer engagement will evolve. Shopping will become less
about channels and more about environmental experience. Machine
learning and AI will be critical in mining data and giving more
intellectual feedback on how, when, and where to engage

2. Mobile Shopping will be Acutely

Mobile-only apps have created a frictionless user experience
that customers now expect. Data-oriented features and
functionality will continue to create improved customer
experiences on mobile. But AI will potentially personalize the
mobile shopping experience by acutely tailoring product viewing
for you–making the mobile experience optimal for

3. Social Commerce will Reveal Conversations

Via our social channels, AI will help us to identify
conversations about products that customers didn’t even know
existed. With AI, we will identify how and where people are
talking about our brands and cultivate that conversation for
marketing purposes. Content Marketers will be able to curate
authentic content and learn how the social ecosystem moves
content forward to purchasing. 

4. In-Email Purchasing will be Available

Amazon has launched a new age of convenience with one-click
purchasing. They’ve made it so easy to buy that sometimes, you
don’t even remember making the purchase. For many brands, email
is a huge marketing resource. Plus, email is the most globally
present communication channel ever created. Increased email
personalization from AI data-mining will allow consumers to
check out right in their inbox.

5. Machines will Deliver Personalization

The resource side of commerce is not growing with the pace of
technology. AI will never fully replace marketers (we hope)
because it lacks empathy and emotional intelligence. However it
does add another tool to the toolbox. AI will likely help
under-resourced teams by automating some merchandising
functions. The technology could potentially create discount
offers, loyalty incentives, and automate A/B testing.
Ultimately, the merchandiser could assume the role of moderator
and leave the heavy lifting to AI.

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