It’s more important than ever to streamline the payment
experience—and Magento has teamed up with Amazon Pay to enable customers to pay using
the credentials already stored in their Amazon account.
“Through this integration, Magento merchants can easily
incorporate Amazon Pay into their site, reduce friction at
checkout, and reach the hundreds of millions of Amazon
customers who have come to value this trusted, familiar Amazon
buying experience,” says Patrick Gauthier, Vice President of
Amazon Pay. Over 2,700 merchants are already using Amazon Pay
with Magento Commerce and the successes have been impressive.

A Streamlined Checkout & Enhanced Multi-Channel
Shopping Experience

Amazon Pay with Magento Commerce has helped U.S. retailer
Shinola improve the customer experience,
eliminating friction during checkout. In the first three months
after adding Amazon Pay, 19% more mobile users and 5% more
desktop users completed their online purchases. Amazon Pay has
quickly become a favorite alternative payment option with one
in four mobile Shinola shoppers choosing it for their online

UK-based online retailer DOMU has experienced similar success,
cutting the checkout process to just three clicks with Amazon
Pay and enhancing the multi-channel shopping experience for
DOMU shoppers across all their devices, increasing tablet
conversion by 38% and mobile conversions by an outstanding 50%.

How to Implement Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is easy to set up! If you’re on Magento Commerce
(version 2), just register for Amazon Pay and install the extension for free. There are a
few more configuration steps for Magento Commerce (version 1),
but it’s also a quick and easy setup. Once Amazon Play is in
place, Amazons customers can easily log in and pay on their
Magento store with the information already stored in their
Amazon account. It’s a win-win!

For a limited time, Magento merchants can take advantage of a
special offer when they add Amazon Pay to their Magento store.
Learn more about the promotion the promotion here.