When Magento launched Marketplace, we made a promise to our
community to deliver high-quality extensions and themes. We
have been working hard to deliver on that promise.

Magento currently invests in ensuring high extension quality by
strictly adhering to the  following checks for every new
extension submission request:

  • Business review: Ensures that each
    extension solves a business problem and delivers rich and
    unique functionality.

  • Tech review: Detects the presence of
    viruses, malware, and any indications of plagiarism.
    Ensures that the package meets Composer packaging and
    format requirements along with all coding standards.

  • Marketing review: Verifies that all
    documentation and appropriate information is provided for
    each extension.

Now, in 2017, one of Magento’s top priorities is to take
improvements to the Extension Quality Program (EQP) to the next

Here’s what is happening:

For every extension submitted to Marketplace, we will add an
automated production verification script and additional manual
QA. This will verify that the extension installs without error,
is configurable (as applicable), operates as expected, and does
not break any Magento functionality.

For all the extensions currently in Marketplace, Magento will
re-certify each extension through our new validation steps.
Every extension will be installed on Magento 2 and support PHP
versions. During the installation, we will also switch to
production mode. Extensions that fail this step will be
notified accordingly and will be suspended from Marketplace
unless they promptly deliver any fixes required. We have given
early preview of this process and error logs produced by the
new validation step to some of our existing technology
partners, senior Magento developers, and experts in the
community, and we have incorporated their feedback, so we are
confident that you’ll find it easy to understand and take

Every extension in Marketplace will be held to the highest
standards, but we can’t do it alone. Offering such advanced
quality checks to every single extension will initially add
time to our reviews. The faster you respond, the faster you can
get through the whole review process (as highlighted in the
graphic below).

For more information on the installation validation steps,
please reference the following documents: