Great news! The deadline for submission has been
extended to Thursday, November 30! 

Ingenuity is a core tenet of Magento. And we’re extremely proud
of our community for providing a vast amalgam of new
possibilities through innovative and future-facing
implementations of our products.

With the introduction of Magento Innovations Lab, we’re pulling
back the curtain and shining a light on the creative
development work being done within our global community. We’re
looking for early stage, experimental, bleeding edge
implementations of emerging technologies on the Magento
platform. Anything that enhances the front-end customer
experience. Think IoT, AR, VR, AI, chatbots, etc. These
creations should drive top-line revenue growth for merchants
and introduce improved shopping experiences.

We know exceptional work is being done, and the level of
exposure is often low. It’s time to change that. We want to
know what you’re working on. And we want to see it in action.
It can be alpha, beta, wherever you are in the iteration
process, but it needs to be demonstrated in a live demo or
production instance.

What Qualifies?

  • Must be built on Magento 2

  • Must be customer/shopper focused – front-end implementation

  • Submissions must be shown through an actual implementation
    (no vaporware)

  • Solution must be exclusive to the Magento platform

  • Solution must not be fully productized or commercialized
    such as commercial extensions or SaaS offerings

  • Submissions may be highly customized, one-off,
    merchant-specific examples

Official Rules can be reviewed here.  

UPDATE: The submission window opened Thursday, September 7, and
we’ve extended the deadline to Thursday, November 30,
. Please continue to use this form.  

Get Started!

Set up a hackathon. Polish something already in progress.
Surpass your own understanding of what’s possible.  

This is not a one-time initiative. Innovation is happening
across our community every single day. Magento Innovations Lab
will serve to elevate community members who are not only
pushing the boundaries of possibility, but defining a new

A maximum of eight (8) Innovators selected in this initial
round will be featured in a variety of online and offline
formats, including an online Innovations Showcase, and onsite
at Imagine 2018. These individuals or groups will receive
well-deserved recognition and accolades from the Magento
ecosystem, as well as exposure to new potential opportunities.

Blow our minds, and your solution might even make it into a
future product implementation!