The digital revolution has created a significant opportunity
for B2B businesses. Buyers are expecting flexible, seamless
experiences, and the innovative business leaders are rolling up
their sleeves, ready to seize control of the market, outshine
the competition, and delight their customers.

Working with experts from the Magento Commerce community, we’ve
compiled the B2B Commerce Best Practices Book, an in-depth,
50-page guide with insights on how to build a successful B2B
digital business. 

The book highlights key considerations and planning tips to
help you:

Influence Buying Habits

Reduce Expenditure

Grow Revenue

Create Opportunities

In this exclusive publication, Magento has consulted a panel of
B2B superheroes to help you navigate your own B2B digital
transformation, and become the digital hero of your
organization. Here’s a sneak peek at the takeaways:

  • 4 Key Ways Merchants Can Stay Competitive and Grow their

  • 11 Obstacles to B2B Business Growth

  • 6 Actionable Steps for Building a Digital Journey

  • How to Empower Developers

  • 5 B2B eCommerce Campaigns to Engage Along the Path to

For more tips on how to navigate digital transformation and
become the digital hero of your organization,
download the FREE book now