Last year, 2,500 Imagine attendees from 45+ different countries
logged nearly 6,000,000 miles to get to Imagine 2016. That’s 10
round trips to the moon!

For many across the Magento community, their Imagine journey
starts when conference registration opens. For others, the
countdown begins with presentation development, training for
community events like the Big Dam Run and preparations to make the most out
of Hackathons, breakout sessions and networking opportunities.
Over the past couple of years, many have catalogued their
preparations for this annual Magento reunion through Twitter
and Instagram under the hashtag #roadtoimagine.
What’s clear from looking back at all these great posts is that
regardless of the path your #roadtoimagine takes, each
journey gives a unique view into what makes the Magento
community one-of-a-kind in the world of commerce
. It’s a
reflection of the incredible diversity, ingenuity, camaraderie
and collaboration of this community.

Last year we celebrated the journey of four friends, who represent a
microcosm of the Magento community: an agency lead, a front-end
designer, an extension developer, and a Magento merchant. In
the words of #roadtoimagine rider and founder of SNOW.DOG Kuba
Zwolinski, “Conferences are the connective tissue of the IT
industry, and even more vital for open source related
businesses. They’re the perfect opportunity to create new
concepts, identify new trends, trade crazy ideas, forge solid
partnerships, and build lasting relationships. I believe the
most interesting projects happen when people connect business
with passion.”

This year, the four friends are pushing their physical fitness
and endurance by attempting to cycle the full 320 miles from
the Magento Culver City office to the Wynn, Las Vegas in 48 hours. Some of the #roadtoimagine
riders will also take motorbikes from the Magento Campbell
office and meet up with the cyclists to ride support. Whether
you’d like to meet up with them along the way or are charting
your own path, we invite you to share your own respective
#roadtoimagine journey. Be sure to tag your start and finish by
turning on the geolocation feature of your smartphone before
posting your #roadtoimagine photo so we can map your path:

1.Navigate to Settings, Privacy, Location Settings.

2.Turn location settings on for Instagram.

3.Open Instagram, select the “+” to add a new photo.

4.Select “Add Location” and choose the appropriate place.

5.Submit your post.

For the Magento team, #roadtoimagine also takes a variety of
paths. For the second year in a row, Magento employees
nominated 10 colleagues to attend Imagine 2017. These Magento
Spirit Award winners embody the global spirit of Magento
openness and collaboration but might not have been to the
conference before.

For Imagine 2017, we would like to extend the opportunity to
two members of the community who similarly embody the Magento
spirit. These individuals are highly engaged in the community
and represent the spirit of the community but might not have
been to the conference before. Please nominate a
community member who best embodies the Magento spirit for a
chance to get complimentary registration for the event.
The deadline to nominate a community member is Monday,
March 27

Imagine is as much a journey as a destination. It is our
opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re
going. It’s a chance to celebrate the achievements of the past
year and to step back and reflect on the trends and
opportunities before us. We’re excited for the #roadtoimagine
we all take in 2017!