Modern merchants need more than just transaction records and
web traffic data to build successful commerce brands. They need
business intelligence. Every day here at Magento, we meet
merchants who are frustrated with the complex process of
studying their customers through a hodgepodge of data sources
and formats.

Merchants tell us, “Different teams have different
definitions of metrics or KPIs. We don’t have a single source
of truth around what success means for our business. I spend
more time extracting, validating and crunching numbers than I
do taking data-driven actions based on the results.”

What would seem like basic questions, quickly become daunting

  • Who are my most valuable customers?

  • Where are they coming from and how can I get more like

  • How is my marketing and merchandizing impacting customer
    lifetime value?

  • How can I grow faster and make sure I’m not wasting my
    marketing & advertising dollars in the process?

In August 2016, to help merchants answer these questions and
extract actionable insights from across their organizations,
Magento acquired RJMetrics, a leading provider of
business intelligence software for online merchants. While
RJMetrics was initially referred to as Magento Analytics, today
it has been rebranded to Magento Business Intelligence. This name more
accurately reflects the depth and power the software, which
provides a holistic view of the customer journey across a
diverse universe of data sources.

Fully customizable, Magento Business Intelligence enables
merchants to consolidate multiple data sources—from MySQL to
Salesforce to Facebook Ads—into a single cloud-based data
warehouse that is accessible across your organization. This
gives merchants much faster and more accurate access to
information so they can spend more time applying the insights,
and less time gathering and combining data from disparate

Magento Business Intelligence is suited for both business and
technical users, and its cloud-based delivery model will
seamlessly solve any company’s complex data infrastructure
needs. If merchants require additional help working with and
understanding their data, Magento Business Intelligence also
provides additional Professional Services.

For more information about Magento Business Intelligence,
schedule your free demo, or contact your
Magento Account Manager.