Magento Commerce offers software platforms and other
technologies that power $100 billion (US) worth of transactions
every year. Globalive chairman Anthony Lacavera recently talked
to our CEO Mark Lavelle on Bloomberg TV about the
competitive threat from Amazon, and how Magento Commerce
can help merchants of all sizes to get ahead in today’s rapidly
evolving commerce landscape.

“It’s not just Amazon that’s changed the game,” said Lavelle.
“Customer expectations around how they want to buy and how they
want products delivered have changed dramatically. Amazon
certainly played a role in that, but I think the advent of
mobile technology, broadband, and all the applications that are
now available in cloud computing has cause every business that
wants to sell something to a consumer or a business buyer to
really rethink what their enterprise strategy is, and it needs
to have a digital component to it.” 

Mark went on to say that Magento Commerce is a partner with
Amazon because it’s really about brand positioning wherever
customers are. The Magento Commerce platform allows for
automated marketing, digitization of omnichannel in social
platforms, marketplace platforms, web, mobile, and point of
sale. “We’re finding that companies that lean forward into this
and are really adopting these types of technologies and
platforms can actually do very well in this age, serving this
customer and thriving with a fully digital strategy.”

Watch the full interview: