We built Marketplace to deliver better experiences for our
merchants, partners, and developers. Only select extensions
that have been carefully vetted are available, and this helps
us ensure that Marketplace represents the best that our
community has to offer.
It’s been just over a year since we launched Marketplace

and it now has over 1,500 extensions, posted by 450 developers
and partners, with over 100K transactions to date.

With continued growth and adoption of Marketplace, we are
closing Connect on September 15, 2017. Going
forward, all web traffic to Connect will be redirected to
Marketplace. We’d like to encourage you to move your extensions
and themes to Marketplace.

To submit your extensions and themes to Marketplace,
please start by reading the User
 to understand the various submission review
phases, and how they’re different from Connect. These phases

  • Business
    – ensures each that each extension solves a
    business problem and delivers rich and unique

  • Technical
    – examines code to detect the presence of
    viruses, malware, and any indication of plagiarism.

  • Marketing
    – reviews all marketing descriptions against
    our style guidelines to make sure that content is in line
    with Magento branding guidelines.

Please keep the following important steps in mind
during your Marketplace submission:

1. Start the process by logging into https://developer.magento.com/
agreeing to the Marketplace
Terms of Service
, and completing a company or
individual profile.

  • Use the same Magento account used on Connect

  • ‘Vendor Name’ field must be lowercase and without spaces

  • A valid PayPal account is required

  • Respond to the email request for tax information (required
    to complete your submission)

  • Read and respond to emails, about the status of your
    submission, from marketplace@magento.com and noreply@magento.com

2. Magento Commerce 1 and Magento Commerce 2 extensions and
themes need to be submitted using the same process with
some differences:

  • Code format

  • Extension URLs

    • Magento Commerce 1 – extension URLs are determined by
      the name extracted from the package.xml (name tag)
      present in the submitted tarball (tgz)

    • Magento Commerce 2 – extension URLs are determined by
      the combination of the vendor name and package name
      combined with a ‘-‘ (dash) character.
      Example: https://marketplace.magento.com/vendorname-packagename.html

3. Magento Commerce 1 reviews can be migrated from Connect to
Marketplace for extensions and themes with more than 10
reviews. Contact marketplace@magento.com with

4. If your Magento Commerce 2 extension has shared
 you must wait until they are
 before uploading your modules.

5. Test every extension with our GitHub EQP
 before submitting.

6. Make sure you correctly flag your extension as
an integration
. Please note that having separate
installation and support services does not make an extension an
integration. Both integrations and extensions can have separate
installation and support services.

  • An extension IS an
     if it requires another account or
    subscription be set up and paid for outside of the

  • An extension is NOT an
     if it works and functions on its
    own without a merchant having to
    sign up and have an account with another platform or

For questions please contact marketplace@magento.com.