The MagentoLive UK conference, taking place June 27-28
in London, is the largest Magento event in Europe. Whether
you’re a native Londoner or just visiting the city for a few
days, we recommend you take full advantage of what the
beautiful British capital has to offer. Our team has compiled a
free guide that will help you catch the most anticipated talks
at MagentoLive UK, discover unique digital experiences in
London, and find the best pub to digitally order a beer!

Download the free Underground London Guide for
MagentoLive UK 2017 ahead of the event here:

Underground London Guide for MagentoLive UK

If you’ve never been to a MagentoLive UK, you’re in for a
treat. This event offers an exciting opportunity for retailers
to connect with eCommerce experts, including other merchants,
system integrators, technology partners, and specialist
development agencies like us, Space 48.

MagentoLive UK hosts a range of talks, networking, and
interactive sessions. From personal experience, we know
attendees will gain exclusive insights and knowledge, allowing
them to take their online business to the next level. This
year’s speaker lineup
consists of Magento leadership,
industry-leading retailers including, Kurt Geiger, Tom Dixon,
Unipart Autostore and The Gro Company, and several service
providers. Space 48 Technical Director and renowned Magento
Master, Tony Brown, is amongst this year’s lineup and will be
presenting on ‘Monitoring Your Cache Effectiveness in Magento
. Don’t miss it.