Welcome to our new Developer Diaries Series, where we highlight the
incredible innovations in the Magento Marketplace and the
people who make them a reality.

Shopping cart abandonment is the bane of the eCommerce
industry. The global average cart abandonment rate in 2016 was
77.24%, and it’s even higher when users are
shopping on their mobile devices. Shoppers leave orders
unfulfilled for a variety of reasons, including unexpected
shipping costs, concerns about payment security, and poor user
experience. This is where OneStepCheckout comes ina
Magento extension that simplifies the entire checkout process
to reduce the likelihood of cart abandonment and help Magento
customers increase revenue. We sat down with Thien-Lan Weber, CMO of OneStepCheckout, to learn

Magento: Tell us more about OneStepCheckout. What do merchants
use it for? What is the most exciting problem in commerce you
are solving, or want to help solve?

Thien-Lan: It all started back in 2009 when
our Norwegian co-founders, Jone and Asbjorn used to work at a
Magento Agency and got a call from one of their clients. He
said, “Hey guys, the checkout is broken, it’s six pages long.
You need to do something about it!”

That’s how the team got the idea to develop a solution to help
shoppers avoid going through one page for billing info, one
page for shipping info, one for payment method etc…and
then review their order. OneStepCheckout pulls
everything into one page. It’s a way more user-friendly
approach and reduces the unnecessary steps in the checkout
process. That’s how we help customers to combat cart

The most critical part of any online business is checkout. A
merchant can’t make money without it, after all. The beauty of
our product is it’s meant for all merchants. Whatever you sell:
high value, low value, electronic, fashion, tickets…and
whoever you sell it to, B2C, B2B, or cross-border. If you want
to increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment at
checkout, OneStepCheckout is the single most effective
technical change that you can make. And it all takes as little
as 30 min to set up.

Magento: What are the features of OneStepCheckout that combat
cart abandonment?

Thien-Lan: There are many studies around cart
abandonment—and it usually comes down to three things:
unexpected costs, speed, and form filling complexity.

People usually abandon carts because they are surprised by the
shipping costs. With OneStepCheckout, you can see “order total”
on the right-hand side as you go and it automatically updates
the total cost with payment methods and shipping methods. You
can see exactly what you’re getting charged before checking
out. Another reason people abandon is speed. Page loading needs
to be quick. The way we code checkout is very light and
streamlined, no matter how many orders people make at a time.
It’s optimized for speed.

And lastly, the process needs to minimize form filling.
OneStepCheckout uses the best design practices on the front end
and removes all unnecessary “fill-in” fields.

What makes us unique is our business model. We only develop and
commercialize one product. So what we do, day in and day out,
is support our customers and add innovation to our checkout
extension including new features or compatibility fixes. Every
day, we get requests from Magento merchants who need
compatibility with a certain payment, shipping provider or
other third party services, or who need to comply with some
local regulations. When there’s a fix to be made, we include it
in the next version of our software. The beauty of having so
many customers is the richness of their feedback. Often we see
patterns with customers or a need in the community and add in
new features such our Delivery Date picker that helps set
expectations for when a shopper will receive a package.

Last but not least, we have now launched our extension for Magento 2. It was not a walk in
the park, but we took the challenge and got there. As Magento
itself already improved their native checkout from six to two
pages, our core value proposition is more towards the
flexibility that we offer merchants who want to shape their
checkout to match their business requirements.

Magento: How many people are using OneStepCheckout and can you
talk about the success merchants have seen using

Thien-Lan: With over 20,000 Magento merchants
having ordered from us so far we estimate our market share at
about 10-20% That’s pretty powerful.

For the merchant, it’s all about increasing their conversion
rate and therefore their bottom line. When you think about it—a
higher conversion rate online means more sales and more revenue
generated. With less than 3 out of 100 visitors who place an
order, if you drive one more visitors to place an order by
reducing friction at checkout that already more than a 30%
increase in sales!

Another sign that our extension really makes a difference is
the endorsement of over 200+ Magento agencies who recommend
OneStepCheckout to all their Magento clients. We power a
win-win situation between agencies and their clients as we
allow the former to increase their clients’ satisfaction by
providing a rock-solid product supported by a very strong and
responsive technical team.

Magento: What are some examples of merchants who have found
success with the extension?

Thien-Lan: One big recognizable brand that
recently purchased our extension is Guinness.
They capitalize on their brand equity to sell beyond their
traditional food and beverage category to also sell fashion and
glassware. It’s quite fun as they offer a free gift when you
check out and allow you to personalize products like engraved
glass or embroidered clothing.

OneStepCheckout has impacted merchants of all sizes and
industries. Some of our clients include big multi-million
dollar companies such as Lindt Chocolate, Roberto Cavalli,
Ferrari, Bauer, and
. We have several customers who were
nominated for awards at UK eCommerce Expo 2016
as well

Imagine 2016 Excellence Award
. We hope to share more great
stories and best practices of customers who have now migrated
to Magento 2 at Imagine 2018.

We also have a long tail of smaller merchants due to our
pricing options and ease of installation. No need to have deep
technical knowledge to set up our checkout in Magento stores.

Magento: Do you recommend pairing OneStepCheckout with other
extensions? If so, which ones?

Thien-Lan: PCA Predict Address Verification
is quite commonly used among our customers. This helps
merchants immediately validate customer addresses with shipping
carriers. This is very helpful as addresses can be
somewhere where you can travel, but often carriers may not be
able to ship there. The benefit for the merchant is a quicker
delivery of the parcel and lesser costs associated with lost
parcels and returns.

Another service that works well with us is the popular loyalty
program Smile.io. They allow
merchants to reward their customers using many different levers
ad programs with the goal to increase customer lifetime value

Magento: What advice do you have for others who want to
innovate in commerce?

Thien-Lan: Focus on one thing you do really
well and don’t spread yourself thin. For the last seven years,
we’ve been only dealing with checkout. In Malcolm Gladwell’s
Outliers he says, “To be a master of anything, you
need 10,000 hours of doing just that.” Well, we did the math
and between our developers only, we already gained over
25,000 hours in just technical support and development for
OneStepCheckout. We know checkout for Magento inside out and
can confidently say that our experience in that field is
unmatched. That’s how we add real value for merchants and
agency who can focus on other parts of Magento and leave
checkout to us.

Magento: What are some of your favorite extensions aside from
your own? Are there any “must-haves” for Magento merchants?

Thien-Lan: Instant search. If you carry more than 100
SKUs you must have a search bar, which allows customers to find
what they are looking for. That is a key element in the whole
sales funnel. Let’s say you invest in marketing and many
potential consumers come to your site. The search bar is the
first touch point. Research shows that 80% of people search
instead of browsing through an entire online catalogue. Site
search is one way to capture visitors and convert them into
customers – it’s the top of the sales funnel and is quite
complementary to us, who are at the bottom. You can read more
about how you can break down your website sales funnel here.