Jenna Fallon loves the great outdoors, and she loves building
winning customer experiences. As the eCommerce Director for
Yakima, the world’s leading retailer of car racks, Jenna has
found her dream job. When she’s not behind a computer screen,
you can find Jenna paddle-boarding with her two children across
Oregon’s Willamette River or Lake Oswego. But this isn’t just
leisure-time, it’s consumer experience development: Jenna­
attached a Yakima roof rack to her own Honda Pilot SUV, and
says the experience inspired her to add ‘set-up time’ to every
product description.

“Like so many of our customers, I don’t want to waste time on
weekends,” Jenna says, “I just want to get outside. What I buy
needs to be easy to use, and ready out-of-the-box. Set-up time
helps the consumer get to their destination with less hassle.”

Originally from New York, Jenna now lives in the Pacific
Northwest, and says that stand-up paddle boarding is the best
way to spend quality time with her family. Like their busy
mom, Jenna’s children, six and eight, enjoy the best of both
worlds–they love outdoor adventures, but also attend coding
classes. “It’s good for girls and boys to get into coding,”
Jenna explains, “There’s not enough developers in the world, so
getting kids interesting in coding will help the future of

At work, Jenna describes her job as: “helping consumers find
what they need on our website…as simply and easily as
possible.” She first discovered Magento Commerce in 2014, while
shopping for a new eCommerce solution. When Jenna read a
favorable Forrester review about Magento Commerce, she realized
that the platform matched Yakima’s requirements: “Magento was
scalable with growth, it was the right price point, and it was

Jenna helped Yakima launch on Magento in 2015.

As part of the Magento community, Jenna loves connecting with
eCommerce peers, and says she can’t wait for Imagine 2018.
“Sometimes at work I feel like I’m speaking another
language—most folks don’t have an understanding of the
complexities of commerce technology. Meeting people who do what
I do is moving. There’s so much to learn and talk about.”

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