Last year, we announced the Magento
Masters program
to recognize top contributors in our
ecosystem. Today we reveal three of this year’s members who
were selected as Movers.

Movers are Magento’s top advocates and ecosystem thought
leaders who have demonstrated their expertise in driving
innovation through Magento solutions. They are influencers in
the industry in delivering best-of-class Magento
implementations and advocate for Magento at industry events.

I am thrilled to introduce you to our Movers for the 2017
Magento Masters program:


Independent Consultant, Trainer, System

The Netherlands

Ivan has extensive Magento development experience. He took the
unique opportunity to be part of the first core team to learn
the system from the inside out. He is one of the pioneers in
applying test-driven development practices and using a
performance-first approach in building Magento projects. Being
an eager learner, Ivan likes to share his knowledge and
experience with other developers through his training courses
and helps merchants to find the right solution for their
business requirements as an independent consultant.

Ivan was selected as a Magento Master for 2017 based on his
2016 contributions speaking on multiple Magento 2 topics at
various events throughout the ecosystem and around the world,
on subjects from performance to architecture to micro-services
to BDD. He’s also dedicated to helping others in the community
on the Magento


Freelance Developer &


Being a web developer for most of his life, Vinai has
specialized in Magento since 2008. He is an official trainer
for Magento U
developer training. He loves learning and the Magento
community, two things that go together very well. He is
passionate about software craftsmanship and producing
high-quality solutions. When not working or studying, Vinai
enjoys his family, beekeeping, running, and traveling.

Vinai was selected as a Magento Master for 2017 based on his
2016 contributions on Github to both the Magento platform and
to DevDocs, his
efforts with MageUnconference,
consistently helping others in the community on StackExchange, and
educating the Magento community on testing through speaking
engagements, as well as through Mage2Katas.


Founder, Developer and Trainer, Yireo
The Netherlands

Jisse is the founder of Yireo and a Magento enthusiast since
version 0.9. He has programmed many extensions throughout the
years. Along the way, explaining how to code in Magento
properly became a passion too. This led to online tutorials,
local usergroups, speaking at events, developer training, and
hackathons. In his daily life, Jisse works on improving various
Magento extensions, and he’s helping developers to embrace
Magento 2 as a new platform through code, training, and

Jisse was selected as a Magento Master for 2017 based on his
2016 contributions in organizing the Magento 2 Seminar, the
Magento Dutch Localization Hackathon, the Magento
User Group ‘s Hertogenbosch
, and extensive speaking
engagements educating the ecosystem on Magento 2.