Magento U is a vital resource for the Magento community with
over 50,000 registrations for courses on the Magento U website
during the past 12 months alone. We are therefore excited to
announce the launch of a new and improved learning management
system (LMS) for My Magento U. This new system is another
example of our commitment to making Magento easier to work with
and to continually improving our training offerings.  

The new system will provide our merchants, partners, and
developers with a number of new capabilities:

  • Simplified and more intuitive user interface

  • Ability to view PDF documents prior to download

  • Consolidated view of each course containing multiple

  • Course progress tracking and bookmarking

  • More reliable technology for viewing course videos

Users will continue to access their learning portal (aka My
Magento U) as they currently do from the ‘My Magento U’ menu
item on their My Account page. All student course
enrollment history will be migrated to our new system so you
should see prior completed courses in the new dashboard.  

To familiarize yourself with our new system, please refer to
the My Magento U User Guide available in the
Magento U portal.

We Look forward to bringing additional features and
functionality in the coming months. If you have any questions
regarding this new learning portal, please email: