Along with our other initiatives including hackathons, slack
discussions, and special projects,  Magento Community
Engineering rolled out a program for rewarding Partners
for the created pull requests.

Since we launched the reward program, 28 Partners joined the
effort and started addressing the most important Magento
Commerce and Magento Open Source issues and fixes. Here are the
Q3 finalists who actively participated in the contribution
process and signed up for the reward program.

The scoring criteria for pull requests were simple:

  • 10 reward points for the merged PR

  • 50 reward points for the partner who merged most PRs within
    a month

  • 30 reward points for the Complex PR

  • 20 reward points for the Advanced PR

  • 20 reward points for the Special Achievement

We are considering updating the criteria’s in the next quarter
and it will get additional categories. Please follow our

We have carefully analyzed all the statistic about the merged
pull requests, doing the code review and analysis of the
communications with the contributors. Here are the leaders for

First place: Kega

Kega is a retail agency from the
Netherlands, specialized in implementing eCommerce solutions
that combine both on and offline sales, called Everywhere
Commerce. Kega joined the partners reward program in June and
were first initiators of accepting contributions to the Magento
Commerce source code. They proactively created pull requests
even when there was no mechanism provided to merge them.

Kega created 26 pull requests and merged 19.  Three of
them were merged to Magento Commerce and 16 to the Magento Open
Source. These included:

All PRs from Kega were accompanied by good test coverage. Kega
was selected as a top of the month partner contributor three

  • June: 8 PRs merged

  • July: 6 PRs merged

  • August: 5 PRs merged

Total number of reward points scored: 410

First place entitles them to receive 5 Magento Activity

Second place: TechDivision

TechDivision is a young and dynamic team of
more than 80 people working in graphic design, web development,
project management, and online marketing. For more than 17
years they have impressed with online projects, and have
supported customers throughout the whole planning, conceptual,
and implementation stages of web-based technologies and online
marketing strategies. 

Over the last four months, TechDivision delivered 11 pull
requests to the mainline, working primarily on the Multi-Source
Inventory initiative. These included:

TechDivision is the first partner who joined MSI working
dedicated their time and participated in the design and
implementation of the MSI features. They joined internal
discussions on the product and had constant deliverables every

MSI track is an important direction in the platform
development, that’s why pull requests with the new features
there are scored with the “special achievement” label.
TechDivision created 5 features with this label.

Total number of reward points scored: 280

Second place entitles them to receive 4 Magento
Activity Points

Third place: Experius

Experius, winner of the shooting star award
2017, is an eCommerce agency from Utrecht, The Netherlands,
that plans, builds, and implements successful B2B and B2C
solutions for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source.

They delivered eight pull requests to the mainline working on
the improvements to the Magento Open Source product. Experius
also become top of the month contributor with eight pull
requests merged in September. The 10 pull requests from
Experius yet to be merged will be taken into account in the
next quarter.

Total number of reward points scored: 130

Third place entitles them to receive 3 Magento Activity

Active members

Additionally, we want to mention Partners are also actively

  • Vaimo: Delivered five PRs since June and
    escalated important questions which lead to architectural
    proposals in the Magento Framework.

  • SNOW.DOG: Delivered four PRs and has two
    more in progress, working on bugfixes and backporting them
    to the Magento Commerce 2.1 release.

  • Interactiv4: Delivered three PRs and
    another four are in reviews for the next reward period in
    Q4. They were working on important fixes to the Magento
    Commerce and Magento Open Source cores.

Thank you for the contribution and keep doing the amazing job
of supporting the Magento Open Source spirit.