Contributions from our solution partner community and
developers are fundamental to Magento Commerce. From innovative
extensions to security patches, our community helps us offer
best-in-class technology to merchants around the globe.

We are immensely grateful to the partners who actively
participate in the development of the platform and, to
recognize their efforts, we are launching a program that will
track and reward Magento Solution Partners for their

Contribution Reward Program

We know that our solution partners are a unique source of
knowledge about the real issues our shared clients are dealing
with when developing eCommerce solutions. We want to award
these contributions, especially those which are focused on
quality, solving common problems and sharing best practices
with all the community.

How will this program work? We will keep track of every pull
request (PR) from solution partners and we will promote their
contributions. Magento uses GitHub for source code version
control, and GitHub Pull Requests (PRs) are the best way to
deliver fixes to the Magento source code.

Types of Contributions

We will recognize achievements of the partners in the following

  • Quantity of Contributions – Rewards
    partners who have made the highest number of contributions

  • Complexity of Contributions – Rewards
    contributions that required time or deep platform knowledge
    for implementation

  • Special Achievements – Recognizes efforts
    in specific categories including extensive tests coverage,
    improved framework design, improved APIs or API coverage,
    and improved customizability

  • Category of Expertise – Tracks
    contributions per components to help navigate merchants to
    the partner with compatible expertise

The Award Point System

The award points system assigns a certain amount of points for
every rewarded achievement. Every achievement has different
weight. Depending on the weight of achievement, different
amount of points will be assigned. Points will be assigned in
different categories. Total PR weight is a aggregated points
number from all categories. Points are used to rank the
partners in a unified way and partners with more points are
always higher in rank.

Points received from contributions will be shared with the
Magento Solution Partner team, and top performing partners are
granted Magento Activity Points (MAPs) that convert into MDF,
according to the rules of the Magento Solution Partner Program.
The number of MAPs and top performers rewarded will be
determined later.

About the Magento Community Engineering Team

The Magento Community Engineering team has outstanding progress
processing the pull requests from the community. Here are the
numbers to date:

We also continuously work with the community members who
contribute to Magento Commerce and regularly recognize their
efforts. In addition, our recent initiative to open up internal
repositories for partner developers will allow us to accept
code contributions to Magento Commerce (formerly Magento
Enterprise Edition) as well as Magento Open Source (formerly
Magento Community Edition). This will better inform partners of
the latest changes in Magento Commerce and help them file
issues related to it, with the same process used for Magento
Open Source.

Ready to participate?

To start participating in this Contributions Reward program,
write the Magento Community Engineering team via
email We will
help you get started with these few easy steps: 

  • Retrieve a list of developers and their GitHub

  • Add participating developers to the Slack channel and
    GitHub organization 

  • Sign CLA 

  • Walk through instructions on how to create PR to the
    Magento Commerce code

For more information please check article on the
Partners Portal.

We’ll keep you posted!

Please check this blog or the Magento DevBlog frequently for updates.

Thank you!

Magento Community Engineering Team