I have always traveled and been active in the world. Though in
most recent years, my attention has shifted to work projects
and family. And while they are equally as exciting, it means
less time for outdoor fun. Instinctively, I’ve started
connecting my business traveling and outdoor activities,
finding new ways to see more of the world off the beaten path.

It turns out, increasing my activity while traveling is not
tiresome at all, but instead helps “load my batteries” for the
next day’s challenges. Now, I can hardly imagine going to a
conference without my running shoes. This has motivated me to
set the bar higher in all my activities. Whether the activity
is work or recreation, I set my goals a little beyond reach,
providing me with the fuel to grow.

This is what inspired the 2017 #RoadToImagine
trip for me. After an amazing motorcycle trip in 2016, it was
time for something new. The idea of riding a bicycle from
Culver City to Las Vegas fascinated me. It’s a serious
challenge. I’m not sure I can manage it, but I’ll never know
unless I try. The rest of the @RoadToImagine team
picked up the idea and here we are.

The idea was conceived just about four weeks ago. That didn’t
leave much time for training. To prepare, I needed to:

1. Plan our route.

2. Find a way to practice, despite poor seasonal weather in

3. Find a road bike. I definitely couldn’t use my mountain bike
for this journey.


After a few hours of planning, the team managed to build three
variations of the route. The routes varied by a few tens of
kilometers and 2000 meters vertically. Whatever the option, it
would be an extraordinary desert adventure. As a team we
decided that we wanted to reach Las Vegas in 48 hours.


Work and family is a fulltime gig, but I did find some time to
spin a few miles a day on an indoor training bike. With Netflix
to guide me, I was able to get miles in at night and then
occasionally ride around outdoors. Is that enough? We will see
in the coming days.


I don’t own a road bike. I’ve always preferred dirt tracks and
single trails. I was lucky enough to find a road bike
enthusiast in Los Angeles who prepared road bikes for us at a
reasonable price. We solved the equipment issue and could even
put the bikes up for charitable auction afterwards
– permitting they’re in solid shape.

And we’re off. Keep your fingers crossed for our cycling tour.
To show support for our adventure, we suggest donating a small
sum to the Island
Dolphin Care
charitable organization. They do amazing work.
We look forward to seeing you all at Imagine 2017 in Las Vegas,
April 3-5. And we hope you have the best possible
#RoadToImagine journey.