14 Ideas for Your Store’s Blog

A solid content strategy is really key for running a niche
online store. A powerful blog will drive traffic and ultimately
sales, too. Just yesterday, for example, I received a phone
call from a lady who found my store through a particular
article and had some more questions. I closed the sale!

The point here is if I can have 10s, if not 100s of other
helpful blog posts and articles, there is so much more traffic
that is just waiting to come to my store.

One problem does come up, though.

And that’s what should I write about?

Not all of us are lucky enough to have super interesting niches
– some of our niches are downright dry and boring(but still
profitable:). So to help us all come up with ideas to write
about on our store’s blogs, I asked experts in ecommerce,
blogging, and SEO for some of their best tips.


These tips are in no particular order.

Debra Mastaler –

Let’s say you sell cameras and want to create a really great
piece of content that will inform and entertain. How about a
historical review of cameras and how they’ve changed? Fill the
piece with old images, facts, news clippings and advertisements
and then compare each component to cameras today. The piece
will appeal to people who love antique cameras, be fodder for
Wikipedia and a solid piece to pitch to news outlets. Win!

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Jon Haver – Authority Website Income

A really interesting idea for store owners is to go out and
find blogs on their topic and purchase them. Most sites sell at
a 20x monthly sales multiple with an 8% profit margin on
revenue driven by the site. If an ecommerce store owner buys
the site at a 20x multiple on 8% affiliate commission and turns
that 8% into 40% they have substantially increased the value of
their purchase.


Chris Makara –

One of the cool things I like to see is how are customers
actually using a product. You or your customers might think
that you product can only do one or two things. However, that
might not be the case. Let’s take a rubber band. Sure, we all
know the common uses of a rubber band. You can use it to hold
things together, shoot it at people, or even make a giant
rubber band ball. But did you know there are hundreds of other
uses for it?

Rubber bands can be used as erasers, a hair tie, or even
toddler proofing your cabinets. While we all don’t sell rubber
bands, I am sure there might be some out-of-the box uses for
your product and others would love to hear about it. Some of
the ways you can work this topic into a blog post would be to
survey your customers for ways they use your product. Sure,
most might use it as expected, but I’m willing to bet you will
find several instances of use that may surprise you. Take these
responses and craft a blog post around it.

Be sure to mention/link to your customers whether it is their
own website or social media profile and tell them about it. I’m
sure they will have no problem showcasing the blog post that
mentions them to their peers. That’s a win-win. A happy
customer telling others about your product they use.

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James Gurd – Digital Juggler

Think about interest areas related to the products you sell,
not just talking about products and the company. For example,
Red Bull has built a publishing business out of lifestyle
content on extreme sports and MR PORTER produces high quality
content related to lifestyle pursuits that its customers
associate with e.g. sailing. The intelligence behind this is
understanding customer profiles and personas and investing in a
content strategy that provides competitive differentiation
whilst aligning with the core brand values.

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Matthew Barby –

Within any content marketing campaign you should be creating
content that your target audience can relate to. If you can
weave in the values of your company within this content then
you’ll kill two birds with one stone.


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Zac Johnson – ZacJohnson.com

When blogging with the concept of ecommerce in mind, it’s
important to provide value to the end customer. This can
usually be done by writing about the advantages of how to use a
product, showcasing testimonials from other users and also
using video to bring products and services to life. Should your
audience commonly have questions about any services or products
you offer, this would also be a great opportunity for you to
answer them. In addition to everything else mentioned, creating
a blog around the products and services an ecommerce site
offers will also help the site rank better in the search
results and get shared through the world of social media.

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Siddharth Bharat –

Blog about your customers! Every time customers write to you
about how they love your products, or write reviews on your
site, you have a potential new blog post. Reward them by
calling them up and asking to interview them. Find out why they
love your products so much and how it has helped them. Ask them
how they think you can improve and what they would like to see
in new products. The best part is, people love getting
interviewed and sharing their stories. So the customers you
interview will basically do the marketing for you as well by
spreading the word on their networks. In fact, this could be a
great incentive to get more customers to write product reviews.
For example, Fitbit has an entire section on their blog
dedicated to interviews with customers. They call them Fitbit
Success Stories and highlight inspirational stories of
customers who have used their products to make a positive
change in their lives.

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Kurt Elster – Website

Listen to your customers. They’re telling you what they want
you to blog about. Every question you get is a potential blog
topic in your target market. Using their own language makes
your positioning that much more effective.


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Dave Schneider –

Well it really depends on the product but I think it could be
worth while to blog about all the neat things someone can do
with your product. Get creative. Like can you build something
with it, or make something arts and crafts with it. Sometimes
food can be art, for example. Giving people fun things to do
with the product outside of the basic usage will help drive
their creativity and enthusiasm for the product and hopefully
drive sales for you!

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Terry Lin – Build My
Online Store

Interview influencers in their industry or market. It helps you
build relationships, backlinks, and also targets the right
traffic. You need to make it 100% about them and not about
promoting yourself. You won’t see results until a couple of
months and not everyone’s going to share their interview. But
if you’re in it for the long haul it’s a very effective
content, outreach, traffic, and SEO strategy combined in one.

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Ryan Stewart – Webris

It’s important to understand that you shouldn’t just blog about
anything. Your blog needs to come from a place of genuine
interest and passion, otherwise no one will care. Ecommerce
store owners should focus on issues that relate to their
customers and figure out a way to create interesting, shareable
and valuable content around that.

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Richard Lazazzera –
A Better Lemonade Stand

I always like the idea of being comprehensive with whatever you
do, especially when it comes to blog posts. I think a great
idea is to take one of your products and show how many
different, including untraditional, ways it can be used, or
styled. Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook did an incredible job of
doing this when she created a video detailing 25 ways to tie a

She also had some great production value, but ultimately, she
was comprehensive in showing how many different ways a scarf
could be tied. With over 30 million views and hundred of
backlinks to her site, it clearly paid off for her.

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Darren DeMatas –

For an ecommerce blog to be effective you have to consider the
entire customer lifecycle and create content for each stage. I
talk about this in an interview with Henneke.

Lets say you sold bike saddles: For riders looking for general
information you can create an ultimate guide to bike safety or
an infographic of top bike trails in America. Lately, Ive been
a big fan of crowdsourced buyers guides. Target
research/comparative keywords. Find a bunch of cyclists and ask
them whats the most important when buying a bike saddle. Both
those content types are proven to do well on social media, too.

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Matt Janaway – MattJanaway.co.uk

If you own an eCommerce store and have a blog, you have to use
it to your advantage by writing great content that shows your
visitors you are an expert in your field. However, this does
not mean that you have to be linear in your content. Think
about seasonal events but also keep an eye out for news that
you can slightly relate to your industry.

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So there you have it. Start blogging today – the more content
you can create, the more visitors you can drive to your site.
Of course, you don’t want to publish and pray – you have to
share, promote, and get eyes in front of your content, too.

What kind of blog posts have you seen the most success with on
your store? Share with us in the comments!