A Better Lemonade Stand just turned 5 years old.

It’s been an amazing journey getting to where we are now, and
in these past couple of years we’ve really concentrated on
growing the business into where it is today: an ecommerce
incubator that focuses on helping well over 1 million
entrepreneurs each year build, launch and grow their own
ecommerce businesses.

Reflecting on our past couple
years of growth, thinking toward our future goals and how
else we can help our community of ecommerce entrepreneurs
better their businesses, we got to thinking about how we can
give back to our audience in a big way.

This year, for our birthday there’s only one thing on our
wishlist: we want to support another entrepreneur by helping
them grow their business even further. We want to take a
entrepreneur that’s already built and launched something great
and using the tools, services and resources available to us we
want to help them make their business even better and even
bigger. We’re calling this campaign Lemon-aid (Thanks to
Russell from Fetch
Shopify App for the name idea!).

To help us help the business we select, we’ve reached out to
some of the best apps, tools and resources in the ecommerce
industry and asked them to lend their services to this
campaign. With their help, we’ve created a massive investment
package worth nearly $35,000 that the winning ecommerce
business will get to use to grow their business for FREE.

This is going to be big.

This investment package is stacked full of the biggest, best
and most useful ecommerce tools and resources in the industry
and they’ve donate their time, services & resources to help
the business that we select grow to new heights, for free.
These companies are leaders in their respective fields and
they’ve really stepped up to the plate to offer the winning
business free access to their services so they can grow their
operation without investing all their own capital. We couldn’t
offer this prize package without the help of our amazing
sponsors, so we’re hugely grateful for their support.

As an entrepreneur who’s been hustling through the process of
building and launching a business, working through all the
challenges and successfully building up a customer base over
time, a little push in the right direction can help boost the
business exponentially. We want to be that push for one
exceptional business, so that’s why we’re introducing our first
ever A Better Lemonade Stand Invest in a Business Campaign.
Together with our partners we’ll help the winning business
achieve bigger things even faster.
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Who, What, Where & When

This year for our inaugural A Better Lemonade Stand Lemon-aid
Campaign, this is what’s going down:

We’ll be selecting one business that’s been a member of our
community to receive the Lemon-aid investment package. With A
Better Lemonade Stand we’re exposed to cool businesses all the
time through email correspondence, our Facebook Group, case studies, social media and even in person, so we’re
scouring through our contacts to find an entrepreneur who has
already built and launched something great, been an active
member in our community and will be an ideal recipient of the
investment package.

We’re working with companies that are leaders in the
ecommerce industry to create a partnership that will provide
their valuable services for free to the winning business for
one whole year. The companies that we’ve partnered with to
create this investment package have been personally vetted by
us and come highly recommended by others in the ecommerce
industry so we know the winning business has a lot to gain
by working with these companies.

We’re providing our own mentorship exclusively to this
business for the duration of this campaign so they can pick our
brains about anything and everything they need help with as
they grow their business. It can be overwhelming for a
businesses to take the necessary steps to grow and we want to
provide our best advice and invest our own time into helping
the winning business take their best steps forward for their

We’ll be announcing the winning business soon, so keep your
eyes on your inbox. Make sure you’re signed up to our email newsletter if
you’re not already and we’ll keep you updated when we select
the perfect business to award the investment package to.

Speaking of the investment package, let’s learn more about it.

Our Prize Package Partners

We’ve reached out to some incredible and powerful apps, tools
and services to help us invest in the winning business, and
they’re just as excited about this campaign as we are. They too
recognize the value in investing in a business that’s already
built and launched something great and they also understand how
a little extra help can go a long way at this stage.

The partners included in this investment package include:

Conversio: Investment Value –

Conversio is all-in-one marketing
automation for your business. Increase sales using
supercharged, intelligent and automated email options:
Receipts, Follow-Up, Abandoned Cart and Newsletters. Upsell and
cross-sell using easy on-site widgets: Product Recommendations,
Product Reviews, Feedback and Search.

The winner will join more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and
ecommerce businesses worldwide using Conversio. The features
enable the winning business to increase customer lifetime value
and first time sales. The winner will be able to send marketing
campaigns and automated emails using data-driven features and
powerful segmentation.

Conversio will also provide the winning business with free
exclusive access to Conversio Managed, where the winner will
work directly with Conversio to manage, monitor and optimize
their marketing strategy.

Learn More About

Shoelace: Investment Value –

Shoelace is a powerful automated
retargeting service that works with Shopify businesses to
create a powerful retargeting experience once a customer leaves
a site without converting. Shoelace creates a
“Journey” retargeting visitors after they leave the store.
Instead of showing visitors the same repetitive ad, Shoelace
keeps them engaged with a sequence of ad
experiences. This helps combat ad fatigue
that your customers would otherwise experience if they were
seeing the same ad every time, and it makes them more likely to

With Shoelace’s smart retargeting solution, the winning
business will be able to use their service as a tool to
optimize their visitor’s post visit experience and
engagement. For the winning business, Shoelace is
offering free access to their Enterprise Level Plan to help the
business deliver a state of the art retargeting experience and
ultimately grow further, faster. Shoelace also
integrates with Conversio so it’s an ideal retargeting solution
for businesses using this service as well.

Learn More About

A Better Lemonade Stand: Investment
Value – $7,500

As part of the investment package, A Better Lemonade Stand is excited to offer our
own mentorship and guidance to the winning business. When it
comes to growing a business it can be overwhelming to know
exactly what move to make next, where to input time, where to
invest energy and which decisions will make the most return on
investment. We want to be there for the winning business to
help provide them with support and to help them put the
investment package and their own resources and capital to good

Learn More About A
Better Lemonade Stand

Flippo: Investment Value –

Flippo helps businesses use
user-generated content to provide social proof that sells their
products. Implementing user-generated content is one of the
best ways businesses can increase conversion rates because
customers trust other customers and their reviews, feedback and
opinions can be the make-it or break-it point that convinces
others to take the plunge on a business’ products.

Flippo is offering the winning business free access to their
Professional Plan which they’ll be able to use to post customer
reviews, questions and answers, social mentions, a research
tool and a SEO booster easily on their website. This will help
the business increase their online sales, customer time on
site, user involvement, and their overall SEO performance.
Flippo is the best way to sell more using positive customer
feedback that will boost conversions and they make it easy for
businesses to integrate it onto their existing websites.

Learn More About

Kickstagram: Investment Value –

Kickstagram works with
businesses to create and develop an Instagram marketing
strategy that grows their accounts and boosts their engagement.
With Instagram’s huge active user base, it’s the perfect place
for businesses to hone into their target market and Kickstagram
helps businesses do that by researching demographics, creating
a customized strategy, performing large scale outreach and
increasing engagement.

The winning business will have free access to Kickstagram’s
Premium Plan where they’ll be able to work directly with
Kickstagram’s team to create a personalized Instagram marketing
strategy that works for their business without compromising
their brand image.

Learn More About Kickstagram

Conversion Machine: Investment Value –

Conversion Machine  is a professional
online training course that teaches entrepreneurs to increase
their conversion rates and grow their business. Considering
this investment package is geared entirely towards helping an
ecommerce business grow, this course is an ideal resource to
help them do exactly that.

The Conversion Machine course covers a variety of conversion
optimization related topics including profit optimization, data
collection, data analysis & hypothesis, execution, testing
and more, and is lead by Giles Thomas, head Marketing Mentor
for Google Launchpad and one of 35 marketers in Google’s Expert

With free access to this course, the winning business owner
will be able to understand the fundamentals of conversion
optimization and the strategies and processes required to help
them grow their business. They’ll be able to partake in
lifelong training that will give them the knowledge and tools
that will be relevant to their entire entrepreneurial journey,
no matter where it takes them.

Learn More About
Conversion Machine

Carson: Investment Value – $790

Carson is an ideal service for Shopify
store owners looking to perfect the look and feel of their
store without having to figure it out for themselves or hire a
web development agency to do small tasks for them. Carson works
on a task-by-task basis to help Shopify store owners make
changes to their website to help optimize its look and

Carson is providing the winning business owner 10 free tasks
that they’ll be able to use to improve their store with. With
Carson’s service they’ll be able to make design, style, graphic
and image edits, app configurations, theme tweaks and other
troubleshooting, adjustments and modifications. Carson’s
services will help the winning business create a better website
that will be more functional for their customers without having
to spend valuable time and energy making the modifications

Learn More About Carson

Fomo: Investment Value – $588

Fomo is a conversion optimization solution
that shows off customer interactions to encourage other
customers on site to make a purchase too. Fomo broadcasts
social proof on your website to introduce shoppers to new
products, show them what others are buying and in turn convince
them to buy, too. Social proof gives your business credibility
and Fomo shares that social proof with others on your site.

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, customers
purchasing online aren’t able to see who else is shopping and
what they’re buying – unless you use Fomo. The winning business
will have free access to Fomo’s Startup Plan where they’ll be
able to show off what other customers are buying and increase
their conversions by broadcasting social proof in order to
radiate credibility.

Learn More About Fomo

PixelPop: Investment Value –

PixelPop helps businesses turn browsers
into buyers by engaging website visitors through banners &
pop-ups that direct traffic to where they want them to go.
Their service provides beautiful pop-ups and banners that are
optimized to perform well on any device, be it desktop or
mobile, and they can be used to inform customers about new
products, promotions and offers or to direct traffic to product
pages, collections or other online content. Businesses can even
use them to get more email newsletter subscribers or more
social media followers.

With PixelPop the winning business will be able to engage their
customers on a new level and give them specific calls-to-action
that can lead them anywhere on their site. With PixelPop’s
service the winning business will have access to their Pro Plan
free for one year where they’ll be able to customize pop-ups
and banners, target visitors, schedule pop-ups, track
performance and much more. PixelPop works for businesses by
helping them boost clicks, conversions and sales through
customizable pop-ups and banners.

Learn More About

Shopify: Investment Value –

Since Shopify is the leading and most highly
recommended ecommerce platform, it’s only natural that we’re
including them as part of the investment prize package.
Shopify’s powerful ecommerce software takes the hassle out of
hosting and managing a website as their user friendly service
makes it easy for everyone to start their own ecommerce
business without having to build a website from scratch. Simply
set up your store, pick your theme, add your products and
you’re quickly on your way to starting your own ecommerce

Shopify is offering the winning business free access to their
Shopify Plan which offers the business owner improved credit
card rates and transaction fees, and extra features such as
gift cards, professional reports and abandoned cart recovery.
With this plan the winning business will be able to host their
business on the most powerful ecommerce platform with enough
room to grow as they progress throughout the year.

Learn More About Shopify

As you can see, these are some of the top tools and resources
in the ecommerce industry and we know the winning business is
going to benefit hugely from what these companies have to
offer. These companies work hard for their customers and they
provide great services that help businesses operate more
efficiently whilst growing at the same time. We’re so proud to
include these partners in our investment package and know the
$35,000 value of these services will be put to good use over
the course of the year.

The Ecommerce Business We’re Selecting

In order to put our weight behind one business and award them
with the investment prize package, we need to ensure they meet
some important criteria. We want the business we select to have
a lot to gain from the investment package, and we want them to
be able to put the resources and tools to good use. We also
want them to be able to benefit from the support and services
they’re going to receive and we want them to be in a great
place to grow this year.

We’re currently reviewing all of the businesses we’ve had
contact with throughout the year through our email, social
platforms, Facebook group, case studies, etc. and looking
seriously into who could potentially be the winner of this
investment package. We’ve been exposed to so many different
up-and-coming businesses that have so much potential, so it’s
going to be a difficult task to select one final winner.

Here’s some of the criteria we’ll be choosing the winning
business based on:

They’ve started
something: They’ve embraced the obstacles,
challenges and roadblocks that come with starting a
businesses but they’ve built and launched one despite the

They’ve kept moving forward: Obstacles and
roadblocks have happened to them but they’ve kept progressing
in spite of the challenges they’ve faced.

They work hard: They’ve succeeded, they’ve
failed, they’ve faced obstacles and they’ve achieved
progress, but through it all they’ve worked hard.

They’ve failed forward: Failure is inherent
in entrepreneurship, and they haven’t let failure hold them
back. Every failure has been a stepping stone for their next

They take responsibility for themselves: No
matter their situation, they realize they have control over
their attitude, their actions, their reactions and their
choices and they succeed because of it.

They figure it out: They don’t sit idle when
they run into an obstacle, they find a way to solve their
problem and they figure it out.

They make the difficult choices: They
realize that easy paths don’t lead to worthwhile results and
they make the choices that will lead them to the worthwhile

As you may have noticed, these criteria are based off of
our manifesto. These
qualities are so important to us as a business and a brand, and
for us to truly stand behind the winning business we select,
they’ll need to embody these important qualities. These are the
qualities of a successful entrepreneur, and they’re the kind of
qualities we want to support.
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Investing in One Entrepreneur and One Ecommerce Business

While we’re in the process of narrowing down the winning
business we’ll keep you updated through our email newsletters,
so to stay in the loop make sure you’re signed up here. We can’t
wait to share this huge investment package, thanks to our
generous partners, with the winning business and help them get
well on their way to growing a bigger and better business.